Conscious Nutrition Health and Wellness


Conscious Nutrition Program


Conscious nutrition program consists of 6 weekly sessions.  The sessions are a comprehensive prevention plan to assist adults and children reach their optimal level in the 4 pillars of health  

  • Lifestyle
  • exercise 
  • attitude
  • nutrition

In this program I will facilitate and motivate as well as encourage clients on their journey to nutritional wellness. Sessions are broken down by;

What the body needs

Traffic light eating  ( learning how to differentiate nutritious food and junk food)

Portion control

Healthy habits

Benefits of Whole Foods

Making movement part of your life

Preventing injuries

Hydration and its importance

Conscious Essentials


Conscious Essentials

Conscious essentials is based on the conscious nutrition program material. It was designed for those who are unable to commit to a 6 week session. Conscious Essentials is a one time session and is designed to take no more than 2 hours. As we will cover a fast paced and highly interactive session

Conscious Prime Time


Conscious Prime Time

Prime Time is designed to assist clients understand how the body changes as it ages prevent disease and help each body system and enjoy more restful sleep, sharper thinking, and memory, less stress. Also cutting risks of The “Highs” high blood pressure, high cholesterol.